Self Help & Infomation

A collection of informative videos about conditions, treatments and exercise from Stort Physio.  


Neck Manipulation

Wendy explains the care and expertise used when manipulating a neck.


Top tips - Handy hints!

Some exercises with Wendy to help keep hands flexible and stop the stiffening of fingers.

Back care in the Garden

With summer approaching, Wendy has some tips for looking after your back in the garden.


ABC's of Conditions - Feet

Wendy explains how we now offer a fast and reliable service for the provision of orthotics. All part of our Head to Toe service.


ABC's of Conditions - Eczema

A condition that isn't normally associated with physiotherapy, but one we can treat effectively, and without side effects.


ABC's of Conditions - Dysmenorrhea

In this video Wendy explains how we treat Dysmenorrhea, or painful periods with acupuncture.


ABC's of Conditions - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This episode looks at Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and how specialist diagnostic techniques can distinguish between the neck or the wrist being the cause of the problem.


ABC's of Condition's - The Back

The second video in our series - The ABC's of Conditions. In this video Wendy talks about the leading misdiagnosis of the cause of back pain, and what is more commonly at fault.


ABC's of Conditions - The Ankle

First in the series ABC's of Conditions, which will cover everything from ankles and backs, to whiplash and Vertigo.


How Pain Works

Wendy explains what can be causing pain in the neck and shoulder.