January 2018



"My 11 year old son was misdiagnosed with abdominal migraines, then persistent daily headaches, then CFS and as the pain progressed through his body, Chronic Pain Syndrome. We were told there was nothing that could be done.

For almost a year, he wished to be unconscious and not to carry on because the pain was so bad. When he was struggling to walk, we decided on the recommendation of a family friend, to see Wendy and try interferential therapy.

At the initial assessment, Wendy noticed that my son had a sacral torsion and inflammation, She was convinced that falling off his bike had caused this and had left him with parts of his spine out of alignment, muscle shortening and inflammation around the top 3 vertebrae. Wendy was confident she could cure him within 2 months - and she did!

Wendy has been amazing and I now have my son back! We have travelled down from Manchester to see Wendy and it has been worth every penny. The other thing that is unusual about Stort Physio is the level of care, my son's appointments lasted as long as they needed to rather than being set at 30 minutes.

Wendy has followed my son's progress and has been happy to advise him. She has a no nonsense approach and a holistic view of managing pain and skeletal issues. Issuing a book which explains about the back, pain and explains what exercises you need to do is also helpful as you have something to refer to."


March 2017

"Dear Matt

Just to say thank you so much for all the treatment you have given me on my wrist after my recent break.

I came to you the day the plaster was removed with a totally non functioning wrist and fingers and never thought I would get back to normal

After 10 treatments in total with you, originally 2 a week for the first 2 weeks and then one a week, I am back to normal, it has been absolutely brilliant

I am sure without all your intensive massages (Mobilisations) etc and the electrical impulse treatment (Interferential Therapy) each time, I would not be where I am now

I did in fact experience the same treatment with Wendy when I broke my leg 17 years ago and was in a real mess and she had me back to normal in no time, and that is the reason I immediately arranged treatment for my wrist

I would urge anyone who has a breakage of any kind to come to Stort Physio  immediately

Many many thanks"

Bishops Stortford now moved to Spain

"I THINK you'll still remember me being that it hasn't been toooooo long! Thankfully I'm not dead. Far from it in fact. I'm doing GREAT!

The two months away have been amazing for me and I've got back to a level of health and comfort in my body I was 95% sure was lost forever. However I've worked real hard and I'm back on top! Not only have my lungs dramatically improved but my pain in my back, hips, neck, head etc... has also subsided a LOT. I'm now managing days of driving of 11hrs. (The longest day was 922km!!) and am able to manage 60mins of pretty intense cardio on a good day.

To this end I wanted to say two things.... 

1) THANK YOUUUUUUUUU!! I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and help in all the ways you could. Whatever was done was the spring board I needed to get where I am now.

 2) I've decided I'm moving to Spain and am only back in the country for 5 days to sort out some bits and then I'm off and most likely (fingers crossed!), won't be coming back to England for a good while. Because of this I won't be using the remaining sessions I got (I THINK I've used 5 of the 10). So would you be able to give this sessions to someone else who REALLY needs them who doesn't have insurance and might struggle to pay for them?? I'd really appreciate it if you could because, even though I'm far from "fixed", I know that someone else could use the sessions more than I can right now and you can really make a difference in their lives too.

Thanks again guys. I really appreciate all you did for me.

As someone who has been a patient in doctors surgeries, hospitals and physios all my life I know what it's like to be where you are, at least in some capacity. 

I can honestly say things CAN get better. Whether or not they WILL is down to you. The guys here will help you in every possible way they can. And they'll do it with a smile. But getting better is ultimately down to your will. And where there's will there's a way. Remember. So long as you can breathe, everything else is easy."

"Thank you so much for all the treatment you gave me and your kindness and patience." Bishops Stortford

"I can't believe I am saying this - I have been doing the exercises that you gave me and they certainly help. This is not to say that I am surprised that they are helping, but I am amazed that I am doing exercises. Also I am being more careful not to lift heavy things, small tumblers of gin, not large ones!" Harlow

"Thank you for enabling me to continue to lead an active life." Bishop's Stortford

"This centre has given me back my life. I will always have problems becasue of my age and wear and tear, but with Wendy and Diana and all who work there, they are so determined to resolve these conditions with a cheerful, personal dedication to their work." Standon

"If only A & E had referred me to Mrs Emberson in the first instance, I would not have had to live with injuries for such a long time and I believe that the recurrence of symptoms, as a result of an injury slipping back, would have been reduced.As I commented to a friend they need to clone Mrs Emberson."  Huntingdon

“Having suffered the effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis for some years I am amazed and delighted at my mobility and dexterity following treatment by Mrs Emberson and her super team.” Bishop's Stortford

"In a house not far away is a lady called Wendy who has a team of physios working for her. Wendy works with all people of all ages.

At Wendy's house you can be treated for a lot of things. She not only treats your aches and pains, but she treats the whole body and mind and where the pain lies.

One treatment with Wendy's team and you are flying out of the door. The treatment is different for different people. So give Wendy a try and you will not be disappointed.

Wendy doesn't charge by the hour to work and she does packages to suit you. The first hour is free. If Wendy can't help you, she will say so and you don't have to pay." Bishops Stortford