Stort Physio Academy 

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Stort Physio Academy was started to provide education and information for the general public, new post graduate physiotherapists and other health professionals.
Seminars for the general public

Wendy Emberson has been providing seminars and talks for clubs and groups for many years and these have also been brought in under the “Stort Physio Academy” banner.
The talks can cover any of the following topics:

1.    Low back pain
2.    Headaches
3.    Shoulders
4.    Knees
5.    Feet and ankles
6.    Necks
7.    Posture - Adult & children
8.    Pain
9.    Exercise
10.    Relaxation/stress
11.    Post joint surgery
12.    Ribs and breathing
13.    Falls prevention
14.    Lifting and handling
15.    Tailored for particular groups

Work experience students
Every year for the last 25, we have taken students from local schools looking for work experience in a physiotherapy setting.
We are happy to provide guidance and experience for students who are seriously considering Physiotherapy as a career.

Although we prefer to take students from 16 years upwards, we can offer places to 15 year old students, but they will be limited in their patient contact.  When work experience students are here at the same time as the students from the universities, then they will have the opportunity to find out first hand, just what the course entails.

Even though the local schools tend to want the same weeks for work experience, we are happy to take students at other times in the year.

Work experience is an essential requirement when applying for places at university. Diana Brace is the point of contact for all students.
Clinical Placement for undergraduate students
For the last 20 years we have been providing clinical placements for undergraduate physiotherapy students on the Physiotherapy BSc (Hons) and MSc pre-registration degree courses from 6 universities.

Undergraduate clinical placements are usually for 5 or 6 weeks at a time. Unlike the NHS, we consider it inappropriate for these students to have their own patient lists when treatment is being directly paid for by the patients.

From the student’s perspective, this means that they always work with their Clinical Educator (The Stort Physio clinical team). In this way, they have constant access to all the specialist knowledge that we provide instead of learning mainly by practising on patients. 

Within these courses, students have to complete 1000 hours of clinical placements. This is a quarter of the whole course and it is a specified requirement of being able to joint the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) - our professional body. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the universities to find enough placements within the NHS hospitals given the financial and time constraints. We feel our participation as Clinical Placement Providers will benefit the physiotherapists of the future and ultimately, the patients.
Post graduate Physiotherapists
This teaching element is an exciting new development for the coming years. It will include post graduate courses run by our clinical staff, UK specialist and internationally renowned physiotherapists.

The underpinning concept is to teach the methods and techniques employed at Stort Physio. Ultimately these will be taught alongside those of leading physiotherapists from around the world. The Headaches and Migraines seminars with Dean Watson were started 4 years ago and we hope to develop and expand these in 2017.

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