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Rehabilitation and Recovery Programmes

We offer full rehabilitation programmes for spinal conditions, sports injuries and following orthopaedic surgery.
Our exercise programmes are formulated for the individual patient and their particular condition and lifestyle.

Our spinal rehabilitation programmes are based in the work of Professor Stuart Mc Gill from Waterloo University in Canada. He is a Professor of Spinal Bio-mechanics and he is recognised as the world leader in Spinal Stabilisation.

Exercises are a vital component of the whole Treatment Plan and we work hard to help our patients understand the need for them to work with us to achieve the right result.

As a result, we tailor-make our exercise programmes for the individual patient. In return, we expect them to be done as prescribed. Equally, we understand that people have busy lives, so we will only give patients exercise programmes that we consider they can manage.

Today, Physiotherapists are often seen as providers of sheets of generic exercises. Imposed time constraints in hospitals do not allow for much more.

However, there are 640 muscles in the human body divided into 320 pairs of muscles and physiotherapists know more about their structure and function than any other health professional.

The Physiotherapy degree curriculum requires a detailed knowledge of the muscle systems of the body together with all the nerve supplies, actions and functions.

This knowledge of the way the body moves is essential to understand what happens when things go wrong and how to re-educate movement and function to restore as near normal movement of the body as possible.

What is seldom understood it that muscles fall into 3 broad categories:

  • Global muscles - that move the joints
  • Global stabiliser muscles and -
  • Local stabilisers that work to keep the right tension on the joints as they move

It is only by dealing with all of these factors, coupled with re-educting the timing of their action, that the best possible result can be achieved.