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We make sure all our new patients feel welcome, safe, and taken care of. During your first visit, your physio will review your medical history. For diagnosis, they will give you a detailed and precise examination. From there, the physio will explain any issues and help you choose options for treatment. We typically proceed with treatment then, but we can also begin at a later time that is most convenient for you.







We will be reducing our fees from £95 to £45 throughout March. Here’s why.

From the 1st to the 29th March, we will be providing treatment for the same fee that we charged in 1999. We want to support our local community through a time of enormous uncertainty and fear. The fee will be £45 instead of £95 per session and still with no time limit on the appointment.

Over the last 2 years, there has been so much talk about the need for unity and how we need to come together for the greater good. Agreed! At Stort Physio we think actions speak louder than words, and we are prepared to accept the “SHORT-TERM PAIN”, for your “LONG-TERM GAIN”.

Everyone these days is very wary of spending money. We are all literally paying the price of years of recession, all the uncertainty over Brexit and a Parliament of MPs that appear to be incapable of working together for the benefit of the country and population.

At Stort Physio we know that most of the patients we see don’t have life threatening conditions. Less than 1% of people with low back pain have a potentially serious pathology. We know that if musculo-skeletal conditions are not significantly better within the first 6 days, then there is a marked risk of complications and possible ongoing pain and dysfunction. This in turn can lead to the increased likelihood of sick leave and even loss of work and income -just to add to the misery of the state of the country.

Our very real concern is that people are not aware of the long term issues they may be developing. By nipping problems in the bud now, then we can look forward to a far healthier post-Brexit life! Taking a few painkillers and anti-inflammatories is like filling in holes in the road with cheap tarmac!

We want to help our local community by offering our skills and specialist expertise at the rate we charged when the Euro was created; the Millennium Dome was opened, Bill Clinton was President of the USA and Bluetooth was announced. The average house price was £73,500!

We’d also like to invite other local businesses to take up the #Business4community challenge, and see how they can help their local communities get through this tough time.

Discounted rate of £45 cannot be used in conjuction with free assessments. Fixed Price plans still available and can be used in conjunction with Free Assessments.


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