Wendy's thoughts

A collection of Wendy's musings on matters to do with the practice, physiotherapy and a whole host of other things. 



Wendy’s Morning Ramble 27th February 2019

Wendy explains what we're doing to help ease the pain during these uncertain times...rolling back our prices to 1999.

Wendy’s Morning Ramble 26th September 2018

Wendy explains how Interferential Therapy (IFT) can be used to treat Asthma.


Wendy's Morning Ramble 21st August 2018

This week Wendy explains the importance of not ignoring early signs and symptoms of back pain.


Wendy's Morning Ramble 16th of August 2018

Wendy explains why physiotherapy could be a viable option for treating headaches and migraines.

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Wendy's Morning Ramble 8th of August 2018

Wendy explains some of the myths around what to do with a simple strain or injury. More often than not it can be resolved with a single session, as long as you catch it soon enough.


Wendy's second ramble... 11th July 2018

It's agreed that we should all be doing some form of exercise or sport, but which one? 


Morning Ramble  28th June 2018

Wendy shares some thoughts during her morning walk with the dogs. Today, why we don't charge by half hour slots.