What is included in this fee?


  • As much time as is needed for each session. This means if your appointment is an hour or two, you'll pay the same. This is because we feel you're paying for the result, not the amount of time it takes to achieve. That being said, on average this is one hour, but expect to be here for one to one and a half hours at the first session as this includes the full assessment, examination, diagnosis and treatment time.

  • All the skills and knowledge of four specialist, clinical chartered physiotherapists with more than 60 years of collective clinical experience and post graduate training/knowledge. (This is more than any other practice in the area).

  • No charge for treatment plans, letters, phone calls or emails.

  • Especially for more complex cases, we will provide you with a TREATMENT PLAN which is a detailed summary of the diagnosis; what treatments we offer; the expected recovery time and an estimate of the cost. This gives you, in writing, the detail you will need to make a decision about your condition. The only exception would be reports for solicitors in medico-legal cases such as car accidents or work related injuries.

  • Our recovery programme which includes our "Back Pack" and practice brochure. This printed book is full of information about back pain, sciatica, hypermobility and a wealth of useful tips and advice about how to manage your problem, as well as the exercise programme that we use. This will be adapted for every patient depending on their individual needs and requirements.

  • There is no extra charge for any exercise band that we supply. Replacement bands needed because of loss or breakages will carry a small charge.


  • We offer FREE ASSESSMENTS because we don’t know if we can help or not until we have carried out our full examination and made a diagnosis. If we can help then we will discuss all the options, how long we think it might take and the cost involved. If we can’t help then we will tell you and advise you about an alternative course of action. It is not in our best interests – or yours, to try and treat something that we know we will work, or will not respond to physiotherapy approach.

  • Having had the full assessment, you may decide that you do not want to start treatment and you are perfectly free to go – at no cost.


  • If we think you will need 5 or 10 sessions then we will offer you a discounted rate of £450 and £850 respectively. The full rate would be £475 and £950.

  • To take advantage of these discounted rates, full payment will be expected at the first session.

  • This discounted offer is not transferable.

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