Sports Injuries deserve specialist attention. Almost above anything else it is vitally important that an accurate diagnosis is made (that's the hard part) and then treatment is easy!

There is always someone who will tell you what you should do - even though they have no qualifications whatsoever. The most annoying thing for us is when the person says, "I rested the injury for a few months and then when I went back to my sport, the pain started all over again".


What we offer is a detailed clinical assessment of the injury; the history of the injury; what is needed to get you better and back to peak performance. Whether your sport is something you just enjoy or whether you are an elite athlete, we have the knowledge and experience to be able to diagnose and treat the problem.

We offer a whole range of treatment options and we will put together a Treatment Plan that is designed specifically for you. This may include Interferential Therapy, all the manual therapies, acupuncture, prescription orthotics and a detailed rehabilitation programme - all based on making that all important detailed clinical assessment and diagnosis.

Interferential Therapy will increase the healing rate of injuries and with 40 years worth of experience working with IFT, Wendy Emberson offers unsurpassed clinical experience. She has worked with many sports disciplines including the International Thai Boxing Federation and the Northern Ballet. In her youth she was a track athlete and tennis player to county standard and practiced Shotokan karate and Krav Maga until recently.


Matt Barnaby has extensive experience playing football, cricket and rugby to a high level and understands sports injuries on a personal level as well as being a clinical specialist.

With our Free Assessment scheme, please don't leave an injury for more than a week. If you don't need treatment - then fine, but if you do, then we can get you back to your sport in the shortest possible time.